The Rifles Regiment

The Rifles Cap BadgeSince its formation in 2007, The Rifles Regiment has been deployed on operational duties every year upto and including this year.

The Rifles are a close family regiment at the heart of the infantry action. Regimental Headquarters is located in Winchester and it coordinates the activity of the five pillars of the Rifles Regiment, these are

Our five Regular Battalions
Our two (+) Reserve Battalions
Our cap-badged Cadets
Our Veterans, Associations and Clubs
Our Families and the Communities from which we draw our Riflemen

It is a special point of pride to say: "I am a Rifleman". Riflemen are distinct from the rest of the British Army in their outlook, customs and traditions.

The Rifles was formed to serve as the county regiment of the following counties:

Berkshire,Buckinghamshire,Cornwall,Devon,Dorset,Durham,Gloucestershire,Herefordshire,Oxfordshire,Shropshire,Somerset,South Yorkshire,Wiltshire

Motto: "Celer et Audax" (Latin) - "Swift and Bold"

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