Music of the Light Infantry

Durham Light Infantry Band 1915Throughout the history of the Durham Light Infantry and Light Infantry including the present day, music has played a big part within the Regiment and individual Battalions, whether it is being played by the Band and Bugles at a Pass Off Parade or at Regimental Functions or even at Public Engagments the music of the Light Infantry has always provided entertainment through its distinct sound and marching pace (140 paces to the minute instead of 120).

Each County Regiment had its own Regimental Quick March and Slow March which would normally be played when the Regiment or Battalion is marching off the parade square after the salute is taken. Since the amalgamation of all the County Regiments, the marches are no longer played as they once where (unless specifically requested) but are now combined into one Quick March known as 5 to 1

Below are the Quick Marches of each County Regiment.

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Regimental Quick Marches

Prince Albert - Regimental Quick March of the Somerset Light Infantry

Prince Albert

The Light Barque - Regimental Quick March of the Durham Light Infantry

The Light Barque

With Jockey to the Fair - Regimental Quick March of the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Jockey to the Fair

Old Towler - Regimental Quick March of the King Shropshire Light Infantry

Old Towler

One and All - Regimental March of the Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry

One and All

Prince Albert and Trelawney - Regimental Quick March of the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry

Prince Albert and Trelawney

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