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If you have an event taking place of any kind, whether it be a one off or an annual one, and wish to bring it to the attention of the DLI Association South Shields Branch and it’s members, then please let us know at the earliest opportunity. You can do this by sending us an email to info@dlisouthshields.org.uk or use our contact form situated within our contact page. Please as much detail as possible about the actual event, but please include the event name, date and timings, location, a contact email address and we will advertise it here for you.
We are also trying to promote smaller gatherings of Light Infantrymen due to the widespread locations of where we all live and it doesn’t have to be a full on reunion as it could just be a curry night locally or a simple “sand bag” evening to meet old friends and make some new ones.

* Please note that unless otherwise stated the DLI Association South Shields is not responsible for the organisation of advertised events & gatherings and all requests for information on specific events should be directed to the individual event organiser.

Upcoming Events

Due to the ongoing situation relating to Covid 19 and current Gov Restrictions that are in place to keep all of the Nation safe, there are currently no events planned at this time.

Email: info@dlisouthshields.org.uk
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