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There are two types of membership available as part of the DLI Association, Full Membership or Honorary Membership, and at this time the committee have elected to keep both of them free which we can only continue to do as long as the association is being supported by as many of our Bn veterans as possible. Membership for both is only given to a single veteran or NOK (family representative) as there is no requirement at this time for all individual family members to hold a membership card.

*Membership cards will be posted out to the address provided on the application as soon as it has been processed if you are not able to attend our monthly meetings in person. The DLI Association is not responsible for lost cards due to incorrect addresses being provided. Any cards lost/stolen can be replaced at a cost of £2.50

Full Membership

Full Membership is only for those that joined any Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry, Light Infantry, Royal Green Jackets as either a Regular or Reserve Soldier.
To have a say in how the association is run or to take part in any voting that the committee deems necessary, you will need to be a full DLI Association member.
Applications must be made using the form provided below, please make sure that you fill in all the required information within the boxes provided and supply any additional information to help process the application as quickly as possible. Do not add any personal information other than that which is already required on the form. Please check the form carefully before sending it to us.

Please download the PDF Application provided and once completed, email it to the address below.

Full Membership Application

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is for the NOK (or a family representative) of a battalion veteran that is no longer with us. This type of membership is also open to those that were attached/transferred to the battalion during their service and to companies or current or ex-members of Durham ACF/individuals that have kindly supported the DLI Association over the years.

Applications must be made using the form below, making sure that you fill all the details in that are required and any supporting information can be placed on the email when sending it to us for processing. We may reply asking for additional information to proceed with the application, but we will not ask for any personal information other than that which is on the form.

Honorary Membership Application

Please download the PDF Application provided and once completed, email it to the address below.


Your Personal Information

The information provided above is required by the DLI Association South Shields Branch so that we may process your membership application and communicate with our members regarding events and matters concerning the operation of the association.
The personal details provided are kept secure at all times and can only be accessed by the association chairman or association secretary, they will not under any circumstances be passed on to a third party or any other association member.
Any additional information provided by you in support of your application will automatically be deleted once the application has been fully processed.

Apart from general communications to members via this website or our social media pages, direct contact with you will always be either at our monthly meetings or via email, we will do our very best to keep any emails to a minimum.
Due to the ever changing rules on data protection we will always respect the decision by our members should they no longer wish to have part or all of their details stored with us. Should this be the case then please email us with your request so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.
We would like to remind all of our full members that should they choose to have their contact details deleted from our membership files that from time to time when the association is not able to meet as normal that we will not be able to keep you up to date with events, or involve you in important decisions affecting the future of your association.

You may at any time request to see the details that we hold for you on our membership file by sending us an email, but only when we are satisfied that the request is genuine will we reply with the information.

Email: info@dlisouthshields.org.uk
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